What do you need this programme for?

Corab ON-LINE enables you to choose components in a quick and easy way all on your own. Programme was designed in order to improve and expedite assembling and placing orders processes. The system helps you match an accurate mounting system, choose photovoltaic modules, fuses and an inverter. Programme enables installers to quickly calculate the estimate without using adviser’s help. Thanks to that you can choose all the elements of photovoltaic installation and find out how much it will cost. Some of the advantages of the programme are: intuitive interface, readable offer, round-the-clock availability of the offer, quick estimate and access to special offers.


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The advantages of the programme



Quick estimate
Readable offer
Vast range of assortment
Intuitive interface
24/7 service availability
Special offers
Designing using Google Maps
Generating roofline
Placement: drag and drop
The shadow length simulation
Mounting scheme
Energy production simulation

New functions

Designing using Google Maps

With this programme you can design installation using satellite Google maps and you can find the location of a property and delineate roofline.

Generating roofline

In several easy steps, using earlier delineated surface you can generate roofline. Mark lower ridge, enter the roof pitch and add all of the obstacles such as the position of a chimney.

Module placement: drag and drop

Using “drag and drop” option you can quickly place rows of modules on the generated roofline.

The shadow length simulation

In the case of flat roof installation, apart from rows of modules, the shadow length simulation is also visible. This function quickly adjusts the distance between rows and eliminates the shadowing problem.

Mounting scheme

Having finished the assembling process, an offer and a simple mounting scheme will be sent on your email address.

Profit simulation

The summarised annual profit simulation is yet another interesting option.

How to get/acquire free access to the programme?

Sign up HERE or send an inquiry to zamowienia@remove-this.corab.com.pl in order to acquire access to the programme. Then, log in using the assigned login and password.

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