Only the best brands

Corab cooperates with the biggest manufacturers of components for photovoltaic installations including PV module manufacturers (solar panels, photovoltaic panels.) The exchange of experience allows us to produce even better photovoltaic systems. In our offer, we have both polycrystalline and monocrystalline modules.


Solar cells, from which panels are build, are distinguished into three grades, depending on their quality

  • Grade A – flawless cells
  • Grade B – cells with few flaws
  • Grade C – cells with numerous flaws

The higher the grade, the higher its power, and the higher quality which will be visible in low electrical resistance and high parallel resistance resulting in lesser energy produced by 16 cells being wasted for internal losses.


Certificates and norms

  • High temperature and high humidity resistance (1000hours, temperature 85°C and 85% humidity)
  • Isolation test in humid operating conditions
  • Thermal shock resistance (50 and 200 series of 40°C and +85°C)
  • Frosting resistance (10 series 85°C to -40°C with 85% humidity)
  • Leakage current test; PID resistance
  • UV radiation resistance (15 kWh/m2 UV (280-385 nm) and 5 kWh/m2 UV (280-320 nm) temperature 60°C)
  • Hail resistance (11 series of hitting modules with a snow ball with diameter of 25mm, weight 7,5g and speed 23m/s)
  • Mechanical resistance (3 series of weighting down modules for 2 hours from each side with 2400Pa load)
  • The presence of hot points (5 hours of tests with irradiation of 1000W/m2 in full or partial shadowing of cells)
  • Test of efficiency in low sun radiation 200W/m2 and temperature in NOCT conditions

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